Angry Sun vs. Baseball Boy


Season 1
Round 1
Battle 8


Blue Virus




Baseball Boy

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Baseball Boy vs. Chargin' Chuck

Previous Battle

Roy vs. Lemmy vs. Sumo Bro vs. Angry Sun

This is the eighth battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner

The Green Corner


Angry Sun - I've had enough of him, so I know you have. He thinks he's hot but he's not!

The Yellow Corner

Baseball Boy - The best there is! Well, second to me of course!

The Blue Corner

The BattleEdit

Germ: And here they are, the champions of tomorrow! No one knows who will win this battle, especially since the two combatants are of completely different types, but- hey!

Roy rushes into the announcers box and pushes Germ aside.

Roy: You've been playin' too many horrid video games! Hey there everyone, have we got a match-up for you today! Our champion, the Angry Sun, is facing a rising star, Baseball Boy! This battle will prove to be one of the best ever!

Germ: Ah c'mon, you didn't even mention that they have a varying level of HP!

Roy: Cut it out! Don't forget, this battle has no bars in it, as there is no referee! As long as Lemmy refuses to come here, there will be no rules, so make sure to kick him out!

Angry Sun: No rules rules!

Baseball Boy: I'll make sure to steal some bases off of you!

Roy: …What did that last threat mean anyway?

Germ: Beats me, but the opponents are staring each other down!

Roy: One more remark like that from you and I'll throw you in the ring!

Germ: Sorry…

Roy: When I get to my seat, the battle will begin!

Roy leaves the announcer's box and takes his seat. The battle begins! Baseball Boy promptly starts by throwing a ball straight at the Angry Sun, but-

Germ: It was not very effective.

That's right, because the ball became incinerated.

Angry Sun: Is that all?

Germ: They're just trading warning blows now.

Roy: Ooh! When this battle is over… pow!

The Angry Sun breaths a ball of fire.

Germ: Woah!

But Baseball Boy sidesteps in and throws a spitball.

Germ: Savage attack!

The Angry Sun doesn't like this attack.

Germ: Major damage! It must have been the wrong opponent choice.

Roy: There was no choice!

The Angry Sun flies in for a burning but is too slow. Baseball Boy smacks him with his bat.

Germ: How will the strong combatants fight?

Roy turns red and jumps into the arena.

Roy: Forget this! Get Germ!

Angry Sun: He makes me mad!

Baseball Boy: I'm gonna clean his plate!

Roy: …Let's go!

Germ: Uh oh…


Germ: Am I down and out?

Germ faints.

Roy: Looks like the both of you win!

Baseball Boy: No fair!

Roy: Fine, Baseball wins since he got the most hits in.

Angry Sun: Good, I don't like fighting anyway. I'm mad all the time because I really want to be… a ballerina!

The Angry Sun dances out of the arena.

Roy: That was scary.

Baseball Boy: I want to battle Chargin' Chuck, so I can strike him out.

Roy: I wish you'd stop these strange puns, but you got it.