Baseball Boy vs. Chargin' Chuck vs. Reznor vs. Flurry


Season 1
Round 2
Section 2
Battle 17






Baseball Boy

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Booster vs. Big Boo

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Flurry vs. Booster

This is the seventeenth battle and second Round 2 battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner

Baseball Boy: Second place

The Green Corner

Chargin' Chuck: Last place

The Yellow Corner

Reznor:Third place

The Blue Corner

Flurry: First place

The BattleEdit

Kamek: Welcome one and all to-

Roy: Shut up!

Kamek: But I'm the announcer.

Roy: Not today.

Kamek: I thought you were reffing.

Roy: Yeah.

Kamek: Aw… Pokey and I won't take this lying down!

Pokey: …Yeah.

Roy: Oh? Well, how about this?

Roy punts Kamek and Pokey out of the stadium.

Wario: I want a refund! The fight was supposed to start at seven, and it is already five to seven!

Spiny: Yeah, and there seems to be a hole in my chair.

Blooper: And I'm suffocating.

Roy: Everyone shut up!

No one does.

Roy: Grr… well, then this will be a very quick match then… I need to get my money and run. So no one, audience member or fighter, can talk!

Wario: Bu-

Roy: No!

Blooper: Bu-

Roy: No!

Spiny: Bu-

Roy: No!

Baseball Boy: Bu-

Roy: No!

Reznor 1: Bu-

Roy: No!

Reznor 2: Bu-

Roy: No!

Reznor 3: Bu-

Roy: No!

Reznor 4: Bu-

Roy: No!

Flurry: Co-

Roy: No!

Finally, everyone is silent.

Roy: Good! Ok, we have Flurry in the blue corner, and somewhere or another is Baseball Boy and Reznor. But Chargin' Chuck's not here so he loses! Yeah!

Meanwhile, in Sky Land…

Chargin' Chuck: I know the Arena used to be here… ROY!

Back in the relocated Arena…

Roy: Now the contestants will fight!

Reznor jumps from its corner toward Baseball Boy.

Roy: Reznor is disqualifed for quadruple teaming!

Reznor 1 , 2, 3, and 4: Aw man!

Roy: And Baseball Boy is disqualified for-

Baseball Boy: Woah, horsie! It seems I'm the winner, because Flurry is still melted from last time.

Roy: WHAT?!

Flurry is indeed still melted.

Roy: Oh no! Reznor, get back in there!

Reznor 3: You said we were disqualifed!

Reznor 1: Now we don't want to play anymore.

Roy: Argh! …Baseball Boy wins.

Baseball Boy: What? I didn't hear you.

Roy: I said Baseball Boy wins! There, ya happy?

Baseball Boy: Yes.

Roy: …Well, at least I get my money. Baseball Boy moves on and Booster comes back next week to face his chosen challenger, Big Boo… chosen by me, of course!

Bowser: Where's my money?!

Roy: This Arena is closed, bye!