Big Boo vs. Eerie


Season 1
Round 1
Section 3
Battle 19







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Eerie vs. Hot Foot

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Booster vs. Big Boo

This is the nineteenth battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner

Big Boo: He's massive, spooky, and the winner!

The Green Corner
The Yellow Corner The Blue Corner

Reznor: He could win, if only he were as big as his opponent.

The BattleEdit

Kamek: Greetings, prisoners! I am Kamek, your permanent announcer until Roy gets ticked off and finds another. And, may I say, the music playing today fills me with memories of-

Roy: Grr…

Kamek: Right! On with the action! But hey, why hear from me? Let's go hear an introduction from your referee, Pokey!

Pokey: Big Boo and Eerie.

Roy: I like him! Brief and to the point!

Kamek: Er, yes, well how about a word from an audience member?

Mario: I'm-a-

Roy: Shut up!

Kamek: I was only getting some feedback.

Roy: Get some feedback at dinnertime.

Kamek: A word from a past champion?

Roy: No.

Kamek: Big Boo?

Roy: No.

Kamek: Eerie?

Roy: No.

Kamek: Well… let's fight then!

Pokey: Fight.

Kamek: And here they go! Boo is looking really scary tonight, and Eerie is scared.

Big Boo: I am not scary!

Eerie: I am not scared!

Kamek: Big Boo must be scary, because the audience is shrieking!

Audience: Ah.

Kamek: Actually, they really are screaming. In fact, it's getting so loud, I can hardly hear myself talk!

Roy (amid the noise): See, you should be more like Pokey.

Kamek (turns to Roy): But he-

Pokey: Stop.

Kamek: What?! What happened?

Pokey: Noise. Broke beam. Fell to ring. Big Boo hit, Eerie safe in small corner.

Roy: And said with such grace! Oh, but Eerie cheated, right?

Pokey: Yes.

Roy: So I pronounce Big Boo champion again!

Pokey: He's dead.

Roy: Oh.

Big Boo: I'm not dead! Well, I am, but…

Roy: I guess Eerie is champion.

Eerie: I am not! Er, I am?

Roy: Unfortunately yes. Who are you battling next week?

Eerie: I will battle Hot Foot, and the forces of darkness will finally triumph over the forces of-

Pokey: Hot Foot.

Roy: Well put!

Kamek: And there you have it! The winner is Eerie, and-

Roy: Aw, shuddap!