Booster vs. Big Boo


Season 1
Round 1
Section 3
Battle 18






Big Boo

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Big Boo vs. Eerie

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This is the eighteenth battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner The Green Corner

Booster: This guy's a joke, and I'm not kidding.

The Yellow Corner

Big Boo: While no match to me, he'll scare stiff any other opponent.

The Blue Corner

The BattleEdit

Kamek: Welcome back to the Arena! I hope you enjoyed your imprisonment here for the last week. Pokey and I are back because Roy liked our work.

Roy: No! You're back because you're the cheapest!

Kamek: Exactly! You like our cheap work.

Roy: Oh, ok. Just clearing that up.

Kamek: Please give a great round of appluase for our challenger this week, the Big Boo!

No one applauds until the ghost gives a loud howl. Then everyone screams and then applauds, except for Mario, Waluigi, and a couple of other characters, who continue to scream.

Big Boo: Talk about prejudice! Just because I'm a ghost, everyone's always afraid of me.

Kamek: Save me! Er… and our champion this week, who seems to be facing the wrong way, is the king of laughter-

Lemmy: Hey, that's me!

Kamek: Fine. Please welcome the… uh, Vicebooster of laughter, Booster!

Everyone applauds, but only because Roy's team of Sledge Bros has just entered the Arena.

Snifit 1: Sir, I think you are facing the wrong way.

Booster: Huh? What way is which?

Snifit 2: No really, the action is right behind you.

Booster: Nonsense! There's plenty of stuff going on right in front of me!

Snifit 3: Um… what they said. Yeah.

Booster: Well… if you insist.

Pokey: Fight.

Kamek: And here we go! Booster is turning around and- ooh, that scream just broke the glass in front of my booth! I hope no one got hurt!

Ludwig: Ow…

Karma: Oh, get over it!

Kamek: Now Booster is just standing there, and Big Boo is looking menacing.

Big Boo: I'm not doing anything! I'm just looking around and thinking.

Kamek: Big Boo's fear attack is working. Now Booster is running around the ring like a headless chicken.

Booster: Where? I wanna see it!

Kamek: Now Booster seems to be looking around, and Big Boo is getting bigger.

Big Boo: No I'm not! I'm just moving towards the announcer's booth!

Kamek: Big Boo is huge! I don't see how Booster has any chance.

Booster: Neither do I. I'm out of here!

Booster tries to run out of the ring, but he bounces off the ropes and falls hard to the floor, where he ends up unconscious.

Pokey: Stop.

Kamek: And Big Boo has knocked out Booster!

Big Boo: I did not!

Kamek: This battle is over… but not your imprisonment! I'll see you here next week… and every othe day of the week as well! The Arena will be serving complementary bread this week. Isn't Roy a nice guy?

Roy: Who do you want next week?

Mario: Peach!

Big Boo: …I'd settle for Eerie.

Roy: Bye!