Chargin' Chuck' vs. Panser


Season 1
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Battle 10






Chargin' Chuck

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This is the tenth battle in Season 1. In the boxing match-up, the hyphen after the fighter's name has transitioned into a colon.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner

Chargin' Chuck: The smarts he causes with his fists are the only smart thing about him.

The Green Corner
The Yellow Corner The Blue Corner

Panser: Generally useless, but it doesn't take much to beat Chuck!

The BattleEdit

Goomba: Ok, now this is going to be a fair fight, right?

Chargin' Chuck: Yeah… right…

Panser: I'm a talkin' walkin' plant!

Goomba: On your mark, get set-

Wiggler: Wait! I'm still putting my shoes on!

Goomba: Ok, we'll wait.

Roy: Grr…

The next day…

Wiggler: Ready!

The audience has left by now. Roy, in his frustation, had killed the Goomba and would have killed Wiggler, but the door to the announcer's booth was locked.

Wiggler: Uh… um… go!

But the opponents are too exhausted to fight. Chargin' Chuck has fallen over. Panser is built so he can't fall over. He sleeps standing up. But it doesn't matter, because Chuck fell on Panser.

Wiggler: And the winner is Chargin' Chuck! Too bad… I was hoping the match would take longer than my shoes.

Count Down: I don't think Roy will be calling on you again.

Wiggler: I guess not. But this was the worst battle write-up ever! At least it can't get any worse…