Chargin' Chuck vs. Thwomp


Season 1
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Battle 11






Chargin' Chuck

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Bowser vs. Reznor

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Chargin' Chuck vs. Panser

This is the eleventh battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner

Chargin' Chuck: It's a good thing he has a helmet, because the rest of him's mush!

The Green Corner
The Yellow Corner The Blue Corner
1 26

Thwomp: Only a Star can beat him, and Chucky's anything but!

The BattleEdit

Roy: You stink, and a rotten day to you! I'm mad today, so you'd better do exactly as I say! As you can see, I am the only authority here today, since I got ticked and tossed out the announcer and the ref. So, Chuckie and Thwomp, you can start when ready, as long as Thwomp wins!

Chargin' Chuck does his running thing, but he fails to consider Thwomp's spikes. He is protected by his helmet, but Thwomp is protected as well. The large stone does the attack that he's most known for, but Chuck avoids the assault and swings a bat when Thwomp lands. The bat breaks in half.

Roy: You got him on the run now Thwomp!

Thwomp moves sideways but Chargin' Chuck is able to use his strength to shove Thwomp aside. Thwomp has too much momentum to stop and ends up careening into the rope at the edge of the ring. It is so strong that it rebounds Thwomp back across the ring, where he hits another rope and rebounds again. In the meantime, Chargin' Chuck is standing in the middle of the ring and laughing uncharacteristically.

Roy: This can't be happenin'!

The rebounding continues for a number of minutes until finally Thwomp has so much momentum that he breaks through the rope and sails out of the stadium.

Chargin' Chuck: Oh look, a dime!

Roy: NOO!!!

Chargin' Chuck: I think I'll take on Bowser next week!

Lemmy: Oh, Roy!

Roy: Ack! What're you doin' here?!

Lemmy: I've been hiding elsewhere in the audience for the last couple of matches. It seems that Chargin' Chuck here defeated your corrupt system!

Roy: No, he cheated! Now get out of here!

Lemmy: Nope, not while this section is in my Land. Now, you give Chargin' Chuck what he deserves, or I'll tell Bowser.

Roy: What he deserves is a slug in the face!

Lemmy: Oh, Bow-

Roy: Ok, ok! (quickly) Chargin' Chuck, you get to retire from fighting undefeated so that everyone will continue to respect you, and you get to choose next week's combatants. You'll be announcer for the match.

Chargin' Chuck: I want Bowser to battle Reznor.

Roy: FINE!

Lemmy: I'm glad to see that everything worked out. See ya!

Lemmy leaves.

Roy: RAW! Give me all your money!

The audience does, and then runs out of the Arena as quickly as they can.