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2003 or 2004

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Ludwig 222


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The fifteenth Captions contest features a sad Rob-omb standing on a platform containing code. A Shy Guy is on a distant cloud, holding money, while an Angry Sun is wearing swirly glasses.


Blue indicates the first prize winner.

Yellow indicates a good prize winner.

Lil Miss Game & Watch: Rob-omb: @!#$ Dial-a-date!

Introbulus: Bob-omb cried, knowing that he would've understood what was going on if he had taken time out of his busy schedulr to learn how to read.

Ludwig 222: Angry Sun: Whoa… with these glasses, I don't see dumb people anymore!


  • Emmy
  • Introbulus
    • Bob-omb cried, knowing that he would've understood what was going on if he had taken time out of his busy schedule to learn how to read.
  • Todd
    • Sign translation: Vacation to weird world, where everything's in the sky, Bob-ombs can get wet, clouds just have eyes, and the Angry Sun is never angry!
  • Wooster
    • Rob-omb: Why couldn't I have been Bob-omb and then the irony of being "rob"bed wouldn't remind me of being called Rob?
  • Ludwig 222
    • Angry Sun: Whee… these glasses make me a Happy Sun!
    • Angry Sun: Whoa… with these glasses, I don't see dumb people anymore!
    • Rob-omb: This code says something about the Angry Sun, but I can't read it!
    • Shy Guy: This light doesn't go through my mask, so try again you Angry Sun!
    • Shy Guy: I'll give you a dollar if you stop bothering me, Angry Sun!
  • Iggy Koopa
    • Rob: Nuts, I needed that money to buy a translator for these crazy signs…
    • Crazy Sun: Good work Igor, now I finally have enough money for a face lift!
  • Toddy Koopa
    • Bob-omb: (sadly) Come on, sun, light me, I need to do a suicide bombing on the Mushroom Castle.
  • Seth
    • Rob-omb: MY DOLLAR BILL! Now I'll never get this message decoded. It's probably IDIOT LOSER anyway.
  • Blue Boo
    • Not the Angry Sun: Sorry, Rob, but I had to use your life savings to pay for that Shy Guy's "Ancient" Text Slab!
  • Lil Miss Game & Watch
    • Rob-omb: I'm not crying. I'm not I'm not I'm not!
    • Stolen money, or horrible allergies?
    • Rob-omb: @!#$ Dial-a-date!
    • Rob-omb: Just because a cloud of doom follows me around everywhere, that gives you no right to make fun of me!
  • Ara
    • You better run, 'cause this Bob-omb is set off by water!
    • Bob-omb: I want a mustache too! *sniff*
  • Mark P
    • Rob-omb: I'm so sad, I DON'T want to be called ROB anymore! *sniff*
    • After watching too many movies, Rob-omb finally learned the meaning of Drama.
    • Bob-omb: Mommy, I don't want to dive down there!
    • Rob-omb ate too many onions, and this was the result.
    • Sun: Why are you crying? Lost your vision? I did, and crying hurts…
  • Crazykoopa
    • Rob-omb: *sniff* Why'd that sun have to wear glasses?! *sniff*
  • Alex
    • Rob-omb: *sniff sniff* Why did that Shy Guy in the background make me jump off this cliff? It's a long way down!
    • Shy Guy: How am I standing on a cloud?
    • Rob-Omb: AHH! The sun looks weird!
  • Bobby
    • Sun: Ha! I told you that I can make Bob-omb cry when he gets a purple wire instead of a fuse! Now gimme my $60!
  • Coco
    • Dark Cloud: Rob-omb you fool! You should have never challenged a gambling sun in Money Shy Guy Says.
  • Clayton
    • Shy Guy: Yay! The sun just gave me a dollar!
  • Lord Wilco
    • Sun: Roll up, roll up and for only $6 you can watch Rob-omb jump and take his own life!
  • Zeus
    • Shy Guy: Hi, uh, can I have one Bob-omb with fries on the side please?
  • Hyacinth
    • Bob-omb: *sniff* The Shy Guy took my dollar, which was all I ever had in life, *sniff*, so I might as well end it all now…