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The fourth Captions contest features Lemmy on his computer. On the computer screen, Lemmy and Booster are standing before a giant cake. An excited Toad is standing behind Booster. Also featured: Roy in a hot-air balloon, dead Luigi, and Kooper in front of a crying Peach.


Blue indicates the first prize winner.

Yellow indicates a good prize winner.

Game Guy: Lemmy's latest computer game: The Mario Sims Online.

Terry:Lemmy: I have finally completed the Booster Birthday Bash game.

gnidaplat: I see Lemmy has found the rare, never-released Wacky New Year's Paety version that Square and Nintendo vowed would never be seen by the public.


  • Fungi
    • Roy: I got the balloon, Booster's got the cake, Lemmy is dancing like a little baby, Kooper is going to smash the pathetic crying Peach, and Toad is taken hostage and he is proud.
    • Lemmy: Whoa, I never expected to see all this in SMRPG's port on GBA!
  • Blue Boo
    • Lemmy: I will call it "Super Roy Captures a Bunch of Random People and Puts Them on the Balcony of a Rather Large Tower World."
  • Terry
    • Lemmy: I have finally completed the Booster Birthday Bash game.
  • Videogamerpat
    • VGP: *sigh* And people wonder WHY Lemmy doesn't have more submissions…
  • gnidaplat
    • I see Lemmy has found the rare, never-released Wacky New Year's Party version that Square and Nintendo vowed would never be seen by the public.
  • Lil Miss Game & Watch
    • This is what happens when you play as yourself in a hacked game with too many programs running.
    • Lemmy: What?! Not responding?!
  • Zeus
    • Lemmy (in-game): AH! THAT CAKE'S GUNNA EAT ME!
  • Orlando
    • When Lemmy tries to make a game, he realizes he's better off working on his website.
    • This is yet another horrible attempt at making a spin-off of Super Mario RPG.
    • When Lemmy downloaded a Super Mario RPG ROM on his computer, he got a stupid retarded spin-off that was probably made by a five-year-old, or Mario, or both.
  • Masked Man
    • Although the virus in the computer messed up Lemmy's 48-hour project, he doesn't care.
    • Lemmy (in-game): Toad, stop saying "YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY", and Kooper, you're a freak.
    • Roy: HAHAHA! You people will now be hypnotized by my balloon! Feel my wrath! Wait… if the balloon is hypnotizing people, then… feel my balloon's wrath!
  • Grenade
    • This is the reunion of the creatures that have stood in Mario's shadows for years; I guess this little Koopaling is watching it on DVD!
  • Game Guy
    • While most people came to see Lemmy become one year older, Booster was just there for his birthday cake.
    • Lemmy's latest computer game: The Mario Sims Online.
    • Lemmy: It's the deadly LHK virus!!!
  • Tasha
    • Lemmy: Queen Mom, this game is scaring me,
  • Toddy Koopa
    • After 500 straight hours of playing Visual Boy Advance 3, Lemmy uses up all the AOL hours and has to bribe the company for 12 more seconds of AOL.
  • Crazykoopa
    • Booster: My cake has shrunk! Mwahahaahahah!
  • Coco
    • Lemmy (in-game): Let's see. I got Booster with the cake, Kooper, Roy, me stomping Luigi, I made Peach cry, then I locked Mario, but HEY! Why did I forget Toad?!
  • Panzer Koopa
    • Lemmy: YEAH, I'm winning!!!
  • Cybertoy00
    • Unknown to our "heroes", they are watched by a mysterious turtle…
  • Introbulus
    • One of the many comics that Lemmy rejects daily.
  • T.J.
    • Lemmy: AHH! TOO MANY POP-UPS!
    • Computer: Must shut down…
    • Lemmy: NO! Not my baby!
  • Mario Fan
    • After Microsoft started to automatically personalize his desktop, Lemmy knew that it was time to switch to Linux.
    • After Roy convinced many of the Mushroom Kingdom's finest citizens that jumping off a building would get them an infinite supply of Cheez Whiz, they flocked to the top of Booster's Tower, preparing for their final descent.