Lakitu is an enemy in the Mario series.

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A long-time member of the Koopa Troop, I consider this guy to be one of its most dangerous members despite the fact that these days he's most known for administering races in Mario Kart or umpiring ballgames in Mario Superstar Baseball. Lakitu rarely injures Mario directly apart from the plumber jumping carelessly, but will litter Mario's path by chucking down dangerous Spinies. And even if Mario does knock Lakitu off his cloud, it seems another Lakitu appears, at least provided that Mario doesn't steal his cloud and sail away. It's been difficult for Lakitu to compete in the 3D adventures, where it's easy to run around him, but back in the sidescrolling days, the courses in which he appeared really stood out, as he would dominate long sections of terrain over which Mario would typically race across. I've always been a fan of him but became an even bigger fan after reading Lakitu's Defection by Pteryx. This story was so good that I printed it out, then when I saw that the original site it was on had been taken down, I typed it up word for word so that it could still be enjoyed. It's a great story about an awesome character.

Lakitu has not appeared as often in the Sports Hall as I feel he should be entitled. He did sail into Round Three of Season Four but was defeated by Popple. He also had competed in Season One but fell short in Round Two thanks to Birdo. These have been his only season appearances although he has also officiated some matches that took place outside the normal ring. Lakitu may not be a conventional warrior but he's tough to surpass and for being just plain cool, he deserves another shot.

Ranked 63 following Season Nine, the long dormant Lakitu returned to the ring as a wildcard contender, but ran out of ammo and was defeated by Roy.


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