Lemmy Koopa vs. Sumo Bro


Season 1
Round 1
Section 1
Battle 4




Roy Koopa


Sumo Bro

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Sumo Bro vs. Boom Boom

Previous Battle

Lemmy vs. Koopa Troopa

This is the fourth battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner


Lemmy Koopa - Oh I hate him so much!

The Green Corner
The Yellow Corner

The Blue Corner


Sumo Bro - He'll pound Lemmy for sure!

The BattleEdit

Lungefish: I bet Sumo is the tastiest!

Roy slaps his face.

Roy: You can't eat Sumo, because I'm going to make sure he wins.

Lungefish: Maybe I'll just eat you.

Roy: Don't worry, I'll let you eat Lemmy.

Lungefish: Good enough. Oh look, the contestants are ready!

Lemmy: No we're not! I still have to-

Lungefish: In the corner nearest to my mouth is that scrumptious delight, Lemmy! And in the corner far away from me *sigh* is Sumo Bro, who I bet is even tastier than Lemmy. It is beyond me how Lemmy won two rounds so far without being the tastiest, but Roy says he's going to lose today. And Roy should know, cuz he's TASTY!

Roy: Are the two of you ready?

Sumo Bro: Sumo ready!

Lemmy: No, because I-

Roy: Go!

Roy punches Lemmy.

Lemmy: Ow! You're not in this fight!

Roy punches Lemmy.

Lemmy: Enough of this!

Sumo Bro punds the ground but Lemmy avoids the shock by flying into the air.

Roy: That's against the *ZAP* rules!

Lemmy: Is not!

Roy: I say it is!

Lemmy: Grr…

Lemmy sends a zap flying at Sumo Bro, but he leaps out of the way and right on to Lemmy. Lemmy is lowered to the ground for an instant.

Roy: You lose!

Lemmy: I beat the count!

Roy: There's no count here!

Lungefish: Just get this over with so I can eat!

Lemmy and Roy keep squabbling. Lungefish gets mad and somehow makes his way down to the arena.

Lungefish: Gotta have a nibble!

Amidst the fray, Sumo Bro has become the closest one to Lungefish. The announcer bites Sumo's tail, which causes him to go screaming forward into Lemmy. Lemmy gets knocked out of the arena, as does Roy.

Roy: Sumo wiiiinnnnssss. Ack!

Lemmy: Good, now I can get some rest and quiet!

Roy: Don't think so Lem-loser!

Lemmy: Why not?

Roy: Cuz here comes Lungefish!

Lungefish: Come bach here ya tasty morsel!

Sumo Bro: Sumo win! Sumo win!

Roy: I hope he chooes a good opponent for next week.

Sumo Bro: Sumo fight Boom Boom!

Roy: Good enough!

Lemmy and Roy hit a wall, then Lemmy jumps up and runs out the door to escape the hungry Lungefish.