Chain Chomp: Referee needs freeing here!

Roy: Welcome back! Tonight we have Ludwig-

Ludwig: Your appluase is unneccessary.

Audience: Boo!

Roy: Versus good 'ol Doctor Freezegood.

Audience: Boo!

Doctor Freezegood: Just call me DocFriz!

Roy: Chain Chomp, if you will!

Chain Chomp: Help.

Roy: And here they go!

Ludwig: What's the square root of forty seven?

DocFriz: 6.8! Who first signed the Declaration of Independance?

Ludwig: John Hancock! What's the derivitive of sin?

DocFriz: Negative cos! Who discovered the proton?

Hours later…

Roy: Booring!

Chain Chomp: Uh… hello?

DocFriz: Cheese! What's the airspeed velocity of a swallow?

Ludwig: Uh… um, well… noo!!!

Ludwig tries to blast DocFriz with his wand, but misses.

Roy: I heard a boom. Did anything happen?

Ludwig: Ow! I have severed my finger!

DocFriz: Don't worry, I'll fix it for you.

Ludwig: Ah, I suppose it is wise to be in the presence of a doctor. Maybe you're not so ba- youw!

DocFriz has poisoned Ludwig.

Roy: I don't know what happened, but Ludwig has fallen to the floor!

Chain Chomp: Psst! DocFriz! I'll declare you the winner if you get me outta here!

DocFriz: Done.

Chain Chomp: DocFriz wins!

Audience: Boo!

Roy: Fine, fine. Now, for next week-

DocFriz: I'll battle-

Roy: No you won't. There is a special battle next week, and I know you're all as excited as I am!

Audience: Yay…

Roy: So, see you in two weeks, Doc!

DocFriz: That'll be 200 coins for a house call.

Roy: Sorry, this isn't a house.