There are two phases in The Werewolf Game: the Day Phase and the Night Phase.

The Night Phase starts the game. In this phase, wolves send the host a PM with the name of a player they would like to kill. (Commonly referred to as being wolf'd). Also, the blues PM the host to use their powers respectively. Other things may happen, depending on the game's structure.

The Day Phase is when most of the debating and heat takes place. This is because everyone votes for a member to be lynched. During the day phase, everyone (Including the wolves) individually votes for a person to be killed off by bolding that person's name somewhere in their post. People come up with theories and evidence against other to sway the votes from one person to another. At the end of the day phase, the host tallies up the votes, and whoever has the most votes is killed. If someone does not vote, then they get a phantom vote. Also, if two or more people have the same amout of votes at the end of the day phase, a Knife in the Box (KitB) occurs. There is also a situation called an Insta-Lynch, aka an "Insta." This happens when one person has more than half of the votes to be lynched.