Reznor vs. Snifit


Season 1
Round 1
Section 2
Battle 13


Reznor 4


Reznor 2



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Snifit vs. Flurry

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Bowser vs. Reznor

This is the thirteenth battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner


Reznor: Four heads are better than losing, so he's sure to win!

The Green Corner
The Yellow Corner

The Blue Corner


Snifit: Sniff sniff, I smell a wimpy rat!

The BattleEdit

Reznor 4: Welcome to the Boxing Arena! I am your announcer tonight, and it is sure to be an exciting match-up!

Chargin' Chuck: How come you are fighting, announcing, and reffing?

Roy: What are you doing here?!

Chargin' Chuck: Can't a guy buy a ticket?

Roy: Grr…

Reznor 4: Roy moved us around so we wouldn't quarrel in battle, and also so we could control it.

Chargin' Chuck: Thought so.

Reznor 4: And here comes the honorable Reznor!

Reznor 2: It will be a clean match tonight! There will be no problems as long as Reznor wins.

Reznor 4: Our challenger this week is the formidable Snifit!

Snifit: Thank you! *sniffle* I have a cold…

Reznor 4: Our champion this week is the amazing Reznor!

Reznor 3: And don't you forget it!

Reznor 1: Reznor rules!

Reznor 4: And here comes Reznor to start the match.

Reznor 2: Begin!

Reznor 4: Snifit runs forward and shoots a bullet. Oh! Reznor is hit!

Reznor 1: Ow…

Reznor 2: Against the rules!

Snifit: Okay…

Reznor 4: Now Snifit is using his scurry attack. Reznor is hit again!

Reznor 3: That… hurt.

Reznor 2: Instant winner!

Reznor 4: Oh! Reznor has declared Reznor to be the winner!

Snifit: I don't think so.

Reznor 4: What's this?! Snifit is beating up on the ref! And here comes Reznor to save his victory, and now Snifit is pummeling them all with his fast feet and speeding bullets! I've never seen anything like this before!

Reznor 4: Nor have I! Look, now Reznor is surrendering! It seems that Snifit has won the battle!

Snifit: That felt good.

Roy: No! No! No! That's it, I quit!

Chargin' Chuck: That's ok. I'll just rename this "Charger's Boxing Arena".

Roy: I'm back!

Snifit: I'm gonna battle a Flurry, if that's ok with y'all.

Reznor 4: And so, our winner tonight is Snifit. What?! That means I lose! Aw, I told them I should be one of the fighters…