The roles are important to anybody playing this game, though some are more important than others, amnyway here are the roles:



When your playing this game mostly you'll get human as you're role though don't fret as you must use your power to vote to kill off the wolves (and not kill the specials). A human is main color is green.

Human - A human is just regular green having no special power's or abilities. There should about six humans if your playing. Plus a regular human can't know about even a mason's role unless the host tells them.

Mason - A mason is just like a human, though they actually know who other mason's are. A blue (special) is allowed to have an alliance with these particular types of humans.


The special are just like humans except they have the power to help them kill the wolves and protect the humans. They are three special humans in all. Their main color is blue.

Guardian - the guardian is important as every night he selects one contestant to protect, just in case the wolves try to eat them.

Coroner - After someone gets lynched, the host tells them what color the person that died was.

Seer - The seer has the ability every night to find out a role of one player. The host tells him the person he wants to identify is a human (green), another special (blue), or a wolf (red).


These wolves are tricky especially their abilities as the trio are looking for humans to eat. In human form they lie to cover up their true identities and vote just like humans. In animal form they vote to see which human is their dinner.

Wolf Shaman - This wolf is the brains. The Shaman tries to steal the identity of the seer by copying his abilities in human form, except he does the opposite as the fake seer he wants to find out who the blues are so he can eliminate them which will prevent the humans from finding them out easier. In wolf form he uses his intellect to find out how to eat a human get the the suspicion off the wolves to someone else.

Brutal Wolf - Before getting lynched, this wolf turns to his wolf form and kills one player who voted for to lynch him.

Master Wolf - No this one is absouloutly hard to identify, not even the seer can found out his true identity. You see the Master Wolf is seer'ed green, so even if you do find out is identity it will be green. He will also trick the others into thinking he's a green.