Welcome to the Sports Hall - my Boxing Arena! I trust you bought a ticket, since you don't want to get in the ring with me!

Each week, some of your favorite Mario Universe foes will go head to head in an all-out grudge fest to show off what makes them great. They will need your support to raise their morale and give them the extra boost of energy to win. Every bit of aid counts - you never know what could happen here in Roy's Sports Hall!

A new battle is posted most Saturdays. At that time, you are invited to visit and vote for your favorite out of the fighters in the ring. You also can nominate the character you would like to appear next. Voting usually runs until Thursday. Between Thursday and Saturday you can then vote for your favorite out of those characters that got enough nominations.

Mario's old foes have brutally assaulted each other for your viewing pleasure, so come on and take in the fights! I'll even save ya a seat… but the pork rinds are aaaalll mine!

Check out the Fighter Rankings here.


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