Roy vs. Lemmy


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Lemmy Koopa

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Lemmy vs. Koopa Troopa

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Roy vs. Paragoomba

This is the second battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

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Lemmy Koopa. HISS!!!

The BattleEdit

Roy is punching his fists together so forcefully that the crashes echo throughout the arena.

Lemmy: Ya know Roy, fighting is not the answer!

Roy: Ha! You say that now, while you can still talk!

Lakitu: Okay you two, now this one is going to be a real fair fight.

Roy: Hey! What happened to my Troopa?

Lemmy: He passed out earlier. I sent in a replacement.

Roy: You?! Aw, well fine, a last request before dying! See, I'm not so bad after all. Paratroopa, let's get is started so I can mess him up!

Paratroopa: It's Roy against Lemmy… yay…

Roy: You can do better than that!

Paratroopa: I wonder who is gonna win…

Roy: …Switch to caffeine, k?

Lemmy: Let's go, if we have to! Lakitu?

Lakitu: Fine, but I'll be watching. Go!

Roy leaps out of his corner and pounds his way towards Lemmy, who is not moving.

Paratroopa: Oh, the pain…

Lemmy: Try and get me!

Roy: Oh, I will!

Roy pulls out a remote control.

Roy: Take this!

Roy is about to press a button on the control, but it is whisked away by a fishing line.

Lakitu: No booby traps!

Roy: Argh! Well, I don't need them anyway. This will be cooler!

Lemmy: You sure talk big. Let's see you follow it up!

Paratroopa: The action's really heating up…

Roy starts hammering Lemmy, whose torso bounces back and forth between Roy's fists and the ring's ropes, his feet planted firmly on the floor.

Roy: I'm gonna kill ya!

One hour later…

Paratroopa: Yawn.

Roy: Ya… dead yet?

Roy, exhausted, finally stops his assualt. Then he hears maniacal laugher behind him. Turning, he sees Lemmy on his ball behind him.

Roy: What the?!

Lemmy: Mirage attack, and invisibility. I thought you might have noticed the lack of my ball there!

Roy: …Lakitu!

Lakitu: Magic is allowed.

Paratroopa: Is it over? No? I mean, here we go.

Roy uses the last of his strength to charge at Lemmy, who still remains unmoving. Just before impact, Lemmy blows ice at Roy, who slips and falls. He is moving so quickly and has so little strength left that he slides out of the ring.

Lakitu: Leaving the ring is against the rules. Roy is disqualified!

Roy: No way! I never made that rule!

Roy tries to climb back into the ring, but Lemmy clonks him on the head with his Freeze Gun. Roy falls to the floor unconscious.

Lemmy: Well, that really was unnecessary.

Paratroopa: Agreed.

Lakitu: Lemmy, you get to choose the next challenger.

Lemmy: Nah, I'm done with fighting!

Lakitu: It's Roy's own rule.

Lemmy: Fine then, I'll have a nice easy battle with last week's ref! Can I go now?

Lakitu: Yup.

Paratroopa: And it's over. I thought it'd never end.