Roy vs. Lemmy vs. Sumo Bro vs. Angry Sun


Season 1
Round 2
Battle 7




Koopa Troopa


Roy Koopa

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Angry Sun vs. Baseball Boy

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Sumo Bro vs. Angry Sun

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner


Roy Koopa - It's too bad that I've been cursed with perfection. Well, someone had to be!

The Green Corner

Lemmy Koopa - If I didn't know Lemmy, I'd say that no one this pathetic could actually live!

The Yellow Corner

Sumo Bro - He's strong, but he has the IQ of a gnat. I'll beat him in three seconds.

The Blue Corner


Angry Sun - I admit that he's hot, but he can't hold a candle to my strength or coolness!

The BattleEdit

Kamek: Looks like I've got hosting duties again!

Lemmy: What is this, Cartoon Friday?

Roy: The only cartoon here is you, Lem!

Lemmy: So, I take it the ring is rigged, eh?

Roy: …No.

Koopa Troopa: Ten thousand bottles of on!

Kamek: Well, have we got a treat for you today! Four champions all in one place! Oh, autographs, please!

Roy: Well put! There's more to steal from where the rest came from!

Lemmy: Was I supposed to notice that my ball has been nailed to the floor?

Roy: What nail? Koopa, do you see a nail?

Koopa Troopa: Look at all the colors!

Kamek: In the red corner is Roy Koopa! Oh, he is so magnificently strong that it is incredible!

Roy: Thank you! Yup, I'm the winner!

Kamek: We also have Lemmy, Sumo, and the Angry Sun.

Sumo Bro: Who call Sumo?

Koopa Troopa: Is this a bathroom?

Angry Sun: C'mon, let's do it!

Ninja: (from the audience) Hey Fred! I'm placin' five on the Sun!

Roy: Grr…

Suddenly, Roy bursts out of his corner and stampedes to the other side of the ring.

Angry Sun: Don't make me mad!

Lemmy: Not again!

Sumo Bro: Wuh?

Roy punches the Sun into oblivion. Normally he would have hurt himself, but the corner is strangely cool… wonder why…

Lemmy: Now wait! That wasn't fair!

Koopa Troopa: Choo choo!

Roy: Uh… go?

Lemmy: I'm outta here!

Lemmy flies away, since he noticed his ball was nailed to the floor.

Roy: Fine, you just make it easier for me!

Sumo Bro tries to punch Roy, but he was drugged before the match and he misses his mark by several feet. Actually, he is still in his corner. Roy presses a button on the ring control box (your guess is as good as mine) and Sumo is blown away.

Kamek: Sorry, I went downstairs for a drink and- oh, well it seems to be all over!

Roy: You can say that again!

Koopa Troopa: Spz…

Roy: You're right, the Angry Sun is still the active champion. But since he has fainted, I guess I'll have to choose his next opponent…