Season 1, of course, is the first season of Roy's Sports Hall. In Round 1, fighters battled each other until there were four different winners. If one fighter won three times in a row, that fighter got to be the announcer, and the former announcer became the referee. The four different winners then fought each other in a Round 2 match. There were eight different Round 2 matches. The winners of the first four Round 2 matches fought in a Round 3 match, and the winners of the last four Round 2 matches fought in a Round 3 match. The winners of the two Round 3 matches fought in the final round for Roy's Fighting Crown. Also: every 25th match, Roy fought against a character from another video game series, and starting around battle 35, a Tourist of the Week was announced. Also, Larry analyzed who the winner would be. If he guessed wrong, the Tourist of the Week would be zapped in the electric chair. The Tourist of the Week award continued until early Season 3, but Larry was analyzer ever since. This season also started the trend of having Kamek as the main announcer and Pokey as the main referee.

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