Snifit vs. Flurry


Season 1
Round 1
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Battle 14







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Flurry vs. Triclyde

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Reznor vs. Snifit

This is the fourteenth battle in Season 1. This is also the first battle to feature Pokey as the referee.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner

Snifit: He cheated last week. He'll get caught this week!

The Green Corner
The Yellow Corner The Blue Corner

Flurry: Brilliant. All he needs to do is change his allegiance.

The BattleEdit

Kamek: Good evening! I'm Kamek, the randomly chosen announcer, here to speak for Roy in this incredible arena of his! Today's battle will be quite a match. Snifit returns a solid champ from last week, but Flurry is known to be very powerful as well. My guess is that-

Roy: Get on with it!

Kamek: Right! Our champion this week is the invulnerable Snifit!

Snifit: Glad to be here!

Kamek: And our challenger is the speedster Flurry!

Flurry: Cool!

Kamek: Now, to get this fight underway, here's Pokey!

Pokey: Fight.

Kamek: And Snifit instantly breaks out of the traps Roy has set! I guess he didn't do a very good job!

Roy: Grr…

Snifit: This will be a piece of cake…

Kamek: Flurry is trying to work up some speed, but the hard floor is slowing him down and he's having a hard time getting started. Oh, and now Snifit is firing the bullets he is so well-known for!

Snifit: Good thing I had a big lunch!

Kamek: What the? The bullets are passing right through Flurry! They are merely dislodging some slush and leaving him unharmed!

Flurry: Cool!

Snifit: Blast it!

Kamek: Now Flurry has some speed going, and he is trying to skate right over his opponent, but Snifit uses a bullet to propel himself out of the way. Now Snifit is using his own speed attack… but he misses! Flurry sped right past Snifit's scurry and now Snifit is scratching his head in the corner!

Snifit: There's gotta be an easier way to make some money…

Flurry: Cool!

Kamek: Flurry is throwing ice balls at Snifit with some signs of success. Snifit is wounded, but it's going to take more than ice to stop him! Now Snifit is resorting to another attack… what do you call that? It looks like he is trying to coax Flurry into coming closer, and it's working! I wonder what Snifit has planned for him!

Snifit: Come on…

Flurry: Cool!

Kamek: Flurry is getting really close now… and suddenly he kicks Snifit! Flurry has kicked Snifit right where it will be painful with his skate! Snifit has fallen over onto his side, and he shows no signs of being able to get up! Here comes Pokey for a decision.

Pokey: Stop.

Kamek: And there you have it! Flurry has defeated Snifit in a raging battle! And now here comes Roy to congratulate the new champ.

Roy: That's the way to kill 'em! Who are ya taking for next week?

Flurry: Cool!

Roy: Triclyde, good choice!

Kamek: So, Flurry and Tricylde will compete in next week's match. We'll see you then! Good night.